Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Thursday, November 2, 2023

Open Space Committee Meeting Minutes -- 11/2/2023

--Attendees – Eric Helfer, Patricia Greely, Denise Louis, Brendan Potash, Merideth Conners,  William Conrad.

--Discussed Flyer Communication Means

​-Hardcopy flyers could be printed at Library.  Brendan will handle.

​-Flyers will be posted around town.  

-To reiterate flyer locations suggested from last meeting and added this meeting: Town Hall, Sportsman’s Club, Bd. Of Health, Gazebo, dog park, basketball courts, Dunkin’ Donuts, schools, retail, Sumner Field, VFW and civic organizations, Town Forest (2 loc.), Facebook page, rail station, HCAM, retailers, Town website and various Town group websites, historical society.

-Meredith- Posters to schools once approved by Superintendents office and to school newsletter. 

-HCAM, Brendan will contact.

-Get a table for Town Meeting.

​-Survey Update

​-Survey goes live 11/2/2023.

​-Asst Town administrator, Kara will supply residentsemails.

​-Eric -Add write-in box for Question 17. 

​-Motion to approve survey flyer as amended, Patricia 1st, Denise 2nd, Vote, 7-0.

​- Motion to approve survey flyer, Christine, Patricia.  Vote 7-0.

-Put on Town website.

-Access to survey for viewing purposes should be limited to key players so that nothing is accidently altered

-Other Business

​-Code Blue wants to interview Eric regarding Committee activities.

​-Town Meeting 11/27.

​-Holiday Stroll 12/2.​

​-Declaration of Officers:

​​-Chair, Eric Helfer

​​-Vice Chair, Denise Louis

​​-Clerk, Will Conrad

-Discussion on Edgewood Partition (neighborhood off Dean St.) as to whether it should be further researched as potential open space.

​-Accept minutes from last meeting; Motion, Paticia; all accepted.

​-Will- Look into services offered by Mass. GIS

​-Next meeting; 12/5; Tuesday, 7 pm.

-Motion to close, Denise; Patricia 2nd ; all agree.

Submitted 12/5/2023.