Town Forest Committee

Mission Statement

The Holbrook Town Forest Committee is responsible for the maintenence of the trails in the Holbrook Town Forest, and reports to the Selectmen. The 115 acre Holbrook Town Forest is located in Northeastern Holbrook, MA. It was founded in 1955 on undeveloped land. There are several trails, winding around the glacial rock outcroppings and forested wetlands; it is a pristine place to hike, or snowshoe. Enter either from the end of Forest Drive or 255 Pine Street. Maps are available at the Conservation Office at Town Hall. To reach the committee by phone, please leave a message with the Selectmen's Office 767-4312.

Volunteers are needed for trail work again this year. Please join us as we work to keep the trails accessible.

Committee Members

Name Title
Adam Fabian Chair (2020)
David O. Dingledy Member (2019)
Heather McLellan Member (2021)