Why are we seeing so many coyotes and other wild animals in our neighborhood?

As we continue to build new homes in the area, our wild life is being forced into smaller living areas. This means it is much more common to see them all around town at many different times threw out the day and the night. When sighting these animals it is a good thing to report it to the Animal control officer so I can keep track. However there is nothing I can do about these sightings unless the animal is poising a treat, is sick, or is injured. I DO NOT REMOVE healthy wildlife. There are many ways to keep wildlife out of your general space. Make sure all holes in and around your home,shed,fence, and garage are properly fixed before baby season arrives. Animals are opportunists, they will find the easiest way to make a home.(attics, under sheds, holes of trees, an unoccupied dog house, and more). Also keep all your rubbish in tightly sealed and covered containers. It is a wise idea to keep these containers in a shed or garage until rubbish day, to avoid animals raiding them.Baby season starts in or around APRIL, for most wildlife. Squirrels have young in the spring and the fall. Please do not feed any wild animals or their young, this will keep them from moving on and doing what nature intended them to do. Do Not handle baby wild animals even if they are cute and cuddly, THEY ARE WILD, they carry diseases other than the obvious ones that we know about.