North/South Franklin St. Paving Schedule

North/South Franklin Street Scheduled Paving – Anticipated Timetable

The following is the anticipated schedule for completing the paving of North and South Franklin Streets today and tomorrow. 

11/23/21 - 7:00PM - Pave right lane across from public safety building and pave up to intersection at Union Street. Traffic control will allow for two lanes of traffic

11/23/21 - 12:00AM  - Move to North Franklin, and close North Franklin (detour) to pave both sides

11/24/21 - 2:00AM - Pave intersection Union Street and South Franklin. Detours will be in place

11/24/21 - 5:00AM - Pave South Franklin center lane to safety building. Traffic will be open to both directions

11/24/21 12:00PM - Pave remaining South Franklin to safety building right lane

11/24/21 - 5:00-6:00PM - Completion